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Fastzilla VPN

Unlimited Free

Securely surf any websites, use apps & VoIP services, secure any wifi hotspot, protect your data & privacy.

Benefits of free Fastzilla VPN

Surf the web privately

Your IP address will be protected. You don't have to worry about being traced anymore.

Protect websites, apps and VoIP

Surf the web securely. Access your favorite sites and apps using VPN connection.

Enable wifi security

VPN connection protects you while using public WiFi hotspots anywhere in the world.

Secure your data

Military grade of VPN connection encryption provides you the new level of online security.

Fastzilla VPN - Let's you keep your online activity 100% secure!

You probably know that every time you are online you are vulnerable. Hackers could steal your private and financial information. When you are using Fastzilla VPN you can rest assured that your Internet activity is 100% private and safe wherever you are. Create your own, safe Internet connection!

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Fastzilla VPN provides:

Global premium vpn network

All you have to do is to simply establish your Internet connection using various Fastzilla VPN servers in the multiple countries.

24/7 Customer support

Our friendly customer support team is always ready to help you.

Free account and app

Fastzilla VPN provides you with free mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. In case you need advanced capabilities, you can easily upgrade to premium subscription.

Military grade encryption

Using the same encryption technology, as military and banks, you suppress risk that your data or identity will be compromised.

Download Fastzilla Unlimited Free VPN now